“The God of Rain and Ghosts”

Pantheon: Kycelian
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Battle Aspergillum
Domains: Air (Cloud), Protection (Solitude), Repose (Souls), Weather (Monsoon).*
Also Known As: “Great Grey,” “Breath of Life”

*The demigods of Kycela work a little differently than the rest of the world, but this is a good way to describe their powers quickly.

Thanaver {THAH-nah-ver} is the Kycelian demigod of rain and ghosts. In truth he is likely a fairly weak demigod with only a small focus on some regions, as seems common on this world. While his exact form is unknown he appears to hold sway over rain clouds, fog and mist, rain and dew and tears, as well as ethereal undead. Some claim he also reigns over sweat and blood droplets. He may hold more power over water than air as everything in his purview seems laden with moisture. He is always depicted as male, however, and always as living in the low skies immediately surrounding the Dun Skor mountain range.


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Guiding Principles:
Buffs that target self only.
Heals that heal nonlethal damage only.
Normal heals that target self only.
Protection and stealth during long rest.
Won’t stop death / raise death, but cool with friendly ghost rez
Mental and physical perfection through self attainment.
Divine and ghost aid while staying silent / choosing not to speak.

Against These Factors:
Helping others instead of teaching them to help themselves.

His followers are devout farmers and homesteaders. They believe that when lightning strikes, it’s really the door between our world and the afterlife opening. They do not believe that lightning and thunder come from Thanaver and tend to view these as bad. Rather, they feel lightning is the light streaming through this cracked open door, and the thunder is the god forcing it shut to protect us. According to doctrine humble and beneficial ghosts are his blessed servants, but anything else is a villain that has escaped an eternity of torment. Thanaver holds no dominion over that dark realm, but does feel an obligation to close any sudden door breeches. None of this is a popular belief outside of southwestern Kyscela, though it is strongly practiced here.

Seeing your breath on a cold day is said to warm your spirit, a direct blessing. (Whatever truth of the being aside, this is seen even by most Far Folk as a humorous rationalization… for it can get quite cold in the Dun Skors.) Curiously enough, it is not believed that Thanaver holds any sway over snow or ice, though they feel it his benevolence when those melt.


Music tends to be a popular means of worship, both in times of celebration and mourning. Rustic, handmade instruments that try to speak with Thanaver include drums but also rainsticks (a rarity outside of this region). Like his clouds it is said he prefers notes that hang.

As the terrain is usually not suitable for burial, funeral rites prefer pyres where the smokey soul might ascend to join cloud-like Thanaver. Similar to organ donors today, around half of his worshipers in the remote reaches of the Dun Skors instead request that upon death their bodies be used to bait wild game. While this practice would seem barbaric to many visitors, the Far Folk do so with practicality and reverence always at the forefront of their thoughts. Bodies are displayed tastefully in repose and surrounded by any offerings that would not disturb potential wildlife. No matter the success or failure of the endeavor, what remains are salvageable are eventually given a pyre but with high honors.


It is said that the Great Grey has never left the Dun Skors in the four hundred or so years since he first manifested among their peaks. While it’s true that there are occasional clear days, the Far Folk are adamant that he’s simply drifted deeper into the mountains to perform his sacred duties. It’s certainly true that there have been no recorded sightings of him outside of Dun Skor or neighboring ???. Many of the educated among us speculate that there actually isn’t any god of rain and ghosts, but simply mundane weather and superstitious peasants: testimonials of people actually hearing him speak anything seem difficult to find. The people of northern Kycela would strongly disagree, with priests of Hilkoris go so far as to say that they reign over ash because, once wood is burned, the smoke is a skybound cloud and thus belongs to Thanaver.

Despite his famous silence, he forms a mini-pantheon of sorts with Hilkoris and Brecia, with each representing a different shade of the good alignment, and that causing the occasional difficulty between them. Still, they appear to have formed a mini pantheon of their own, each taking care of certain needs while relying on the others to handle their ends.


The favored weapon of Thanaver is the battle aspergillum which not only represents his rain, but is an effective tool against the ethereal undead. Even if the weapon cannot interact with them – something his priests can usually cancel out – then they’re still vulnerable to any holy water that is released.


*Keep in mind that like all Kycelian demigods, magic powers are directly tied to the region their demigod is inhabiting: venture too far and you’ll start losing spells. The only way to grow influence – if that is something you crave – is for one of these demigods to Highlander another and absorb their power. If Hilkoris is the last demigod standing, then he’ll become a real god and join the global pantheon.


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