Siirist Darel

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City Music: “Syracuse” by Harry Gregson-Williams.


When the elves first arrived in this strange domain long ago, the nobility among them quickly took the only forested part for themselves. They erected Siirist Darel, capital of Inenola, and promptly adopted the strong opinion that they were better than everyone else. Low population prevented them from ever carving out an empire, but the mountain barrier prevented anyone from invading them as well, and they grew rich off the trading of the special salts found in the deserts evaporated seawater leaves behind.

It is believed by most elves, though, that their ruling class neither helps them in their day-to-day lives, nor particularly deserves their positions. The common folk instead have to learn to fend for themselves in a harsh environment where a desert can become a tide pool lake literally overnight, while the higher castes enjoys their woodland and charges their taxes.


This is the famed seat of the elven legion of drake riders. Usually only salt drakes are simple enough to be tamed, but sometimes other regional varieties can be reared over a long period. Elves of any caste might potentially be chosen to join their ranks have they the skill, though special dispensation can be made for half-elves if they are the bastards of nobility. It is widely believed by the populace that these skilled soldiers are firmly on their side, though their station forbids them from saying so aloud. This may be the wishful thinking on their part, however.

Usually only those with state business or noble birthright may even enter Siirist Darel’s elaborate gate, carved from imported ivory to symbolize their great salt wealth.

Siirist Darel

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