Maeral Inenola

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Ambient Sounds: Beach Waves
Travel Music: “Ocean of Silence” by Derek & Brandon Fiechter.
Travel Music: “Siren’s Call” by Derek Fiechter.
Dungeon Music: “Deep Underwater Darkest Tale” by Halgrath.
Combat Music: “Sirens” by Harry Gregson-Williams.
Combat Music “Eris Steals the Book” by Harry Gregson-Williams
Boss (Orc?) “The Giant Fish” by Harry Gregson-Williams
Boss (Orc) “Lighting Lanterns” by Harry Gregson-Williams


A coastal elven kingdom. It is known for residing next to a large natural basin, which provides exotic life forms and no shortage of salt. Much of the area is reminiscent of the Dead Sea. The natural depressions common to this area have formed a sort of mountain bowl that protect them from overland invasion; as a result, most of their trade is sea-based. The hills are only lightly forested, with most structures carved in traditional elf styles using native materials. The ruins in this area have a strong connection to the fey, though currently most seem to be inhabited by dragonkin and other reptiles.

The main politicking happens in the ancient capital of Siirist Darel, though only the privileged of birth, status and opportunity can make it to those ivory halls. Smaller settlements are owned by landed gentry, the class of wealthy elves who fall just short of the real nobility. Townships along either the coast or the salt lake are called delmuths.

The elves that live here are currently under attack from Chagnákhul and his navy of orc raiders, though it is not known why his attentions are so focused on them. Unfortunately the mountain bowl that protected their resources from neighbors for so many years, now only serve to jail them in while the orcs begin to rampage.

Effectively a desert environment, it’s always hot. Rains are quite common so that the dry lakes can fill, but the heat makes them evaporate quickly and they never get that deep: think of it as a land of giant puddles that can turn on or off. Note that as a coastal country, most of their winds will come from the east or southeast no matter what direction a generator might give.

Elves make up the vast majority of the population. Bronze kobolds loyal to Khedoraat can be found everywhere, though mostly around Siirist Naedan. A sentient race of peaceful – if wary – Crabmen can be found in their cliff city at the far northeastern border.


This is an elven kingdom with all the grace and oneness with nature that implies, despite the terrain looking a bit outside the norm. Reference the elves of Dark Sun if it helps you. No matter their class or caste they excel at nature knowledge as well as surviving in it. This country features unique “Salt Druids” that harness the power of game salt’s often necromantic or anti-nature effects, though in a traditional druid way for the needs of Inanala’s rare and biodiverse ecosystem. Any of the archetypes that aid in a sailing life are also popular, though they tend to have very different knowledge and skill sets from those who focus on the interior desert; this is because the waters of the coast and mainland are far to shallow for ships. As such, sailors from here follow the more traditional notions of sailing and are rarely located within Inanala’s border anyway.

Maeral Inenola

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