Kycela, the smallest continent of the ???, is a region that Megan GMs; please try not to have adventures there without her, though she’ll host things for you whenever you want to go there.

It might not technically be a true continent in the most literal of terms, since it is connected by a thin land bridge to ?. The city here, Faith’s Bulwark, is solidly on the ? side of the border.

is a small continent that Megan GMs. It’s somewhat mysterious but you know at least the following about it:
  • It holds twenty small countries. None are particularly advanced, scaling from barbarian tribes to a dark ages sort of level.
  • The world’s pantheon of gods holds no sway here, with divine communication and powers ending abruptly around the border. Instead this land is ruled by numerous weaker demigods. Our main pantheon does not know exactly what causes this, though they have their suspicions…
  • …because Kycela is home to the famous “Lost Language,” a runic script commonly found on the continent but impossible to translate. Legends say that its rosetta stone was broken into twenty pieces long ago, and each hidden in one of the countries. Scholars believe that this has something to do with the divine barrier, and race each other to complete the alphabet, hoping to wield its mysteries for themselves.

If you’re looking for reasons to visit Kycela, there’s story hooks for every occasion:

  • Priests could be sent by their gods, who are anxious to find a way to drop the barrier and claim the land in their name.
  • Mages could be investigating the lost language, as they know of powerful magic scrolls they have access to but can’t yet read.
  • Fighters could be hired to protect both, particularly if they’re too practical to worry about a crisis of faith or some old runes.
  • Thieves could want to seek out whatever loot this land has and sell it back on the mainland, or escape the jurisdiction of authorities.
  • Outdoor Types could be hired as trail guides, as the terrain is known to be quite rugged and, at times, even unforgivable.
  • Social Butterflies could want to learn a new region’s bard songs, or curry political favor between continents.
  • Certain astronomers priests might know of a bombardment trajectory headed straight for it.

Characters can also be natives of Kycela if they like, in which case they’ll gain access to all the info they would know.


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