Tag: Shadeshore


  • Enlemzolon "Lem" Jetar

    A retired wizard who owns the scroll store, Shadeshore Scriptorium, in Shadeshore. A practiced hand at inscribing summoning circles and runic wards, he sought out [[Maeral Inenola]] as a young man to master the use of "prismatic sand":http://landsunknown. …

  • Acaeus

    "The Scarred Child" of Shadeshore, Acaeus suffered some sort of beast attack when he was even younger. Thankfully the town's residents were able to save him and the wounds, while horrible, have long since healed. From what you could notice the boy himself …

  • Wouter Baence

    Shadeshore's resident alchemist, he runs the apothecary and serves as a healer. Currently missing; last seen heading deeper into Casposet.

  • Nevarth Waesmaris

    An old retiree who whiles away the hours in front of his home, enjoying his pond. It is filled with small water strider bugs gliding across its surface, though he mentions that he used to train larger ones when he could find them. He says that his …