Mask of Hilkoris

Type: Mask
Weight: 1 lb
Cost: 100 gp

Never for sale; price for crafting calculations.

While most masks serve to hide your identity and intentions, these allow traveling priests of Hilkoris to be easily identifiable from distant slope cities. Few of the mountain villages would hinder the progress of such a pilgrim or their entourage, and the wearer receives +2 Diplomacy (circumstance) with any Far Folk that believe them a genuine priest.

As it is essentially a non-scary plague mask, it confers that bonus as well: +1 Fortitude (circumstance) against airborne toxins and scent-based effects, useful in their many burning duties.

All such masks are masterwork, which not only grants the diplomacy bonus but also allows for future enchanting. Higher level priests often imbue theirs with powers of enhanced vision or even limited flight. As with a basic plague mask it is considered a high crime to wear one of these in Dun Skor when you haven’t earned it, nor would any honest whittler dare to counterfeit one.


Mask of Hilkoris

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