Sonya Merton

An archaeologist priest of Enoatra who's quite demure... um, most of the time.

Human Bard (Archaeologist) 1 / Divine Assessor 0
STR 10 / DEX 14 / CON 10 / INT 14 / WIS 10 / CHA 16
Requisite Dramatic Theme Song: “Sword in the Stone”


Sonya is a studious bookworm whose breadth of knowledge can sometimes be masked by her poor insights of people, whom she can no longer read as easily as her books.

Yet her mind is far keener than it might sometimes appear, especially when it pertains to the architecture of ancient structures. Her mission is to travel the world in search of ruins, regardless of the culture that made them, and preserve as much of the buildings and any relics that she can. Her bonuses are much higher in these areas, particularly if the dungeon is humanoid-made and over 1000 years old. Gaining evermore blessings from the god of ruins she can readily detect secret doors, deadly traps and lost treasures. Sonya is as strict as the others of her religion, believing that she is to protect such loot rather than keep any for herself. Occasionally the blessed Enoatra (hallowed be His halls) might feel a short loan is in order, as Sonya eventually gains access to his sacred archive to borrow artifacts even other antiquarians have procured.

While normally careful and precise in her dealings with relics and traps, you’ve seen her react strangely to objects on more than one occasion: becoming startled at shadows or dropping an item she could have easily caught. At these times Sonya appears to freeze as much as possible and try hard not to freak out. You can’t begin to imagine why.


You know that she was accompanied on the ship by a fellow archaeologist named Jalana. Yet once you arrived in Conriston’s Quay she took off: shocking Sonya into silence, followed by humilation and anger. She’s adamant that the archaeology guild, much like the clergy they operate under, hold a buddy-system approach almost as sacred as the twin gods they worship. Besides any spiritual significance, it just makes good sense when exploring crumbling ruins. Currently Sonya is torn between asking her guild for a new partner, and her shame at mentioning it to them in the first place. She seems particularly affected by this, giving her two drawbacks (Betrayed and Lonely). She’s been so burned that she can’t seem to figure out or fully trust anyone now. It was obvious to everyone that Sonya had feelings for Jalana, though you couldn’t say if they were reciprocated.

Sonya Merton

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