Jalana Amblecrown

An archaeologist priest of Erinarn and shameless glory-seeker.

Human Bard (Archaeologist) 1 / Darechaser 0
STR 14 / DEX 16 / CON 14 / INT 9 / WIS 7 / CHA 16
Requisite Dramatic Theme Song: “???”

Infamously athletic, she’d easily be thought of as beautiful if she weren’t so arrogant and mean-spirited. Few can stand to be in her presence for long.


An archaeologist priest of Erinarn, recently assigned as partner to Sonya. Immediately after their ship landed on the Jadgah continent, however, Jalana feigned helping the sailors to dock and immediately raced off. Both her reasons and whereabouts are currently unknown.

Jalana Amblecrown

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