Enlemzolon "Lem" Jetar

Jadgah -> Casposet -> Shadeshore -> Merchant (Scrolls)


A 65 year old human, his immaculate velvet robes have never ventured outside of his town of Shadeshore. He carries a half-finished book that he never seems to write in, waxing poetically about the braised phoenix dish at the Viridian Flask. He sounds a bit like a pleasant if doddering J. Peterman.


The current threads he offers…

APL 1: A Burning Need (Megan)
Thanks to a brilliant diplomacy check by Ceo, Lem’s agreed to create a scroll of Burning Hands for Jynx. He’ll sell it to the party for 25 gp tomorrow.

APL 5-6: Where Flap the Tatters (Megan)
Thinking back, Lem mentioned that young Acaeus was somehow attacked by Jehni Hanofor.


A retired wizard who owns the scroll store, Shadeshore Scriptorium, in Shadeshore. A practiced hand at inscribing summoning circles and runic wards, he sought out Maeral Inenola as a young man to master the use of prismatic sand in his spellcasting. While that soon ran out, the wealth of verdant salts in the area changed his focus over time to enchantment and illusion. He says that Shadeshore is a bit of a retirement community, and that his old adventuring party used to consist of some of its other residents.

He spends his twilight years in fine velvet robes, running a quaint scroll store while he writes his memoirs; the first draft of his book is always close at hand.

Enlemzolon "Lem" Jetar

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