Jadgah -> Casposet -> Shadeshore -> Child


This poor 9 year old boy has deep gouges and gruesome scars all down the length of his left arm, reaching up to his throat and even his left cheek.


The current threads he offers…

APL 1: “NPC Quest #1” (Collaboration)
The boy says his mom is quite sick. Apothecary Beance ventured south into Casposet to look for giaelri, a red weed native to that area. He did not seem perturbed and planned to be back before nightfall; unfortunately that time has come and gone.


“The Scarred Child” of Shadeshore, Acaeus suffered some sort of beast attack when he was even younger. Thankfully the town’s residents were able to save him and the wounds, while horrible, have long since healed. From what you could notice the boy himself didn’t seem to mind overly much, though he may have been more concerned with his sick mother.


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