Lands Unknown

The Quest Begins!

Searching for Baences, the Apothecary

Ren: Half-Elf Monk (male)
Cheo: Human Paladin (male)
Jinx: Halfling Witch (Female)
Sonya: Human Bard (Female)

The party starts off in the strange and new world of Maeral Inanala. We land on Conistan’s Quay in Shade Shore. Sonya’s partner has inexplicably run off to the South.Cheo assures Sonya that they stay together for safety. Ren asks Jinx if she can really tell people’s fortunes – her clumsy handling of her Tarot cards leads her to believe she does not….but no one can deny the effect she had on the ship over to the Quay.

Sonya shuffles up to a nearby old half-elf who breeds giant water striders as mounts. Cheo tries to “animal handle” them, but is unsuccessful.

Jinx asks where she can find scrolls and the old half-elf tells her and she jogs off in that direction. Cheo meanders behind, asking for lodging, and the party is told there is an “Exciting Inn!” where Sonya and Ren immediately head towards while Cheo goes off to search for Jinx.

Nevarth tells that people in this village are quiet and that even elves are seen as “too exciting”. Nevarth is only allowed in the town because he ’doesn’t make waves’.

Cheo eventually finds Jinx while passing a scarred boy. Cheo forces Jinx to stop while he asks the boy what happened to him.

“Is everything ok?”
“Yeah, it’s okay. I just need to wait here until I get the medicine”
“The medicine? For….”
“For my mom! She hasn’t been feeling well lately. If I wait right here, Apothecary Mr. Baneces will bring it to me”

Jinx rolls her eyes, but Cheo presses further about Mr. Baneces offering Jinx’s fortune telling services to entertain the child while Cheo investigates where Mr. Benz is supposed to be….! Turns out the Apothecary is away for the day, so the local herb of ??? cannot be found.


Ren sees a Tattooed worried man (sailor) as he approaches the Inn. Revering the elderly, he approaches him and asks if everything is all right.

“Is everything all right, sir? It looks like something troubles you.”
“Oh my friend, you don’t look like one of the locals here. You look like someone who can help me out. The elves here do not long for adventure. I need someone who will!”

This perks up Ren’s ears.

“To the southwest, there are ancient ruins with an also-ancient fighting pit. Many a warrior found glory or fell in this battlefield. There could be many treasures and artifacts and weapons galore!”

“Do you happen to know how old those ruins are?” Sonya asks.

Ren agrees to help ADDISON GLANDIS….tomorrow after he convenes with the rest of his party. And everyone eventually heads into the Inn. Here they learn the name of the Inn is “CUDDLY SNAKE HOTEL”. After Sonya pays for a room, they search the Hotel and discover two things:

- this place is a brothel
- it has a lovely Fish and Melon Casserole
- Sonya’s partner is NOT here (no one was loudly bragging)

Defeated, Sonya and Ren wait for the rest of the party to return.

MEANWHILE…..Cheo and Jinx are at the scroll store, wondering how they can obtain the herb needed to restore the scarred boy’s mother…is a quest in store for our heroes? They encounter MASTER LEM, THE SCROLL MERCHANT. Jinx is looking for level 1 spell scrolls:

- Alarm
- Enlarge person
- Magic Missle
- Invisibilty (150GP)
- Magic Mount (350 GP)
- Vampiric Touch (450GP) + many more!

Jinx thanks Lem for his time, studying the place while Cheo chats up the Merchant about the Apothecary – who knows the scarred child, ACHAIUS and his mother. (He also mentions that a woman named JEHNI HANOFOR apparently caused his scars.) A study of the stores’ defenses show that it is not worth robbing (too well-guarded). But, a last ditch effort of asking Cheo to beg on her behalf to see his spellbook….and Cheo manages to bargain him down to 25GP for a spell scroll of Burning Hands.

Incidentally – they learn about the “Veridian Flask” (a Bar/Inn) and the Cuddly Snake Hotel….and the rest is history.

The party reconvenes at the Cuddly Snake and they both fill each other in on what has happened while the party was split. Cheo then leaves again to go to the VERIDIAN FLASK to see if Maester Lem is there to meet him. Jinx tries to strike up a bet, but people are too drunk to do so. Sulking, she orders a casserole and sits in a corner. Ren joins her with a cheaper meal (Pork and Fish pie).

Suddenly (surprisingly) Achaius appears at the Cuddly Snake asking for help.



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