Lands Unknown

Tamrin #1

Scrambling out of Skorscree

Here is what happened on the very first experiment, along with thoughts of what worked and what didn’t.

Like any other Dun Skor slope city, the tiny village of Skorscree clings to both its inhospitable mountains and its unusual beliefs. Young Tamrin has harbored dreams of leaving and seeking out adventure in the lands of Kycela. Two years ago she chanced across an old sack of rudimentary (and rusting) weapons, and began playing / training in secret from friends and family. Today she finally attempts to run away from home.

Normally we’d randomly generate a story hook or even full scenario here, but as an origin story this one writes itself. The Mythic System app is asking me for starting locations and npcs, and knowing a bit about Tamrin and her hometown, I already have more than enough. I type the following into the app:

Starting NPCs Starting Threads
Tamrin’s Father Tamin’s Home
Tamrin’s Mother Tamrin’s Secret Spot
Town Elder Skorscree Village
Town Ranger The Game Trail
Town Priest
Storeroom Guard
Curious Fellow Child
Town Lookout

I didn’t actually know how much family she had, but the question instantly answered itself: she’s way too nice to leave a widowed parent to fend for themselves, or to not share her “toys” with a potential sibling. So she must have two living parents and be a single child. I’m grateful for how easy the answer to this first question was without a GM, though I suspect it won’t always be so smooth.

I also know enough about the village that it answers some other things, like how there’s only two paths into this remote homestead: a small and winding one for the occasional trader, and an even smaller game trail. Being in the mountains it only makes sense that the town would always have an eye out for traders and have a fantastic view of their approach… which also means Tamrin can’t flee that way. It has to be the game trail if she doesn’t want to get caught. What’s more, I already know that since game and lumber are so rare and precious in the Dun Skors, the town ranger is a respected post and the one in charge of that trail: not just anyone can go messing it up as it could spell death for the village.

Finally, as a test scenario for a character concept I kinda like, I knew that I didn’t want to have any lethal combat (if any), and I didn’t want the stakes to be crazy high. Failing mostly means she’s stuck here for now, with the penalties focusing on relationships.

This quick Q&A with myself makes scenario goals makes scenario goals spring instantly to mind. To succeed in this test scenario, Tamrin must:

  1. Pilfer any last things she needs for her journey from her house, without notice. (moderate)
  2. Reach her secret training spot and retrieve her weapons. (easy)
  3. Sneak into the town’s guarded store room to pilfer a piece or two. (difficult)
  4. Finish running away by taking the game trail. (unknown)

I say that she needs 1d3 “things” from her house, and 1d2 from the store room. The things in question aren’t real as her character sheet is already fully outfitted for wilderness survival. For this test I’m treating these more as Shadows of Brimstone tokens, and hand-waving the specifics since young kids often pack nonsense items on their trips. I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but it seems fine to me for this test and we can refine it later. I could have said that X number of her real items are randomly housed around town, but that felt too crunchy for the speed I’m trying to achieve.

I realize that I haven’t yet placed the Dun Skors mountains on our globe, but it doesn’t matter yet since this session will end with her leaving town. A final check over the character sheet and it’s time to play!

Anyway, at this point I decide that the “game trail” goal is normally impossible, but today is the time to strike because the ranger is also doing something else (I don’t know what yet). This helps explain why it has to be right now, and why she can’t simply try running away again tomorrow. It also gives me a dramatic time limit. I again arbitrarily decide the cut-off is 4 pm, since she needs at least an hour or two of travel away from town to not be found, and because it gets dark in the mountains early. At this point I have no idea what time it is, other than knowing I’m starting in the morning.

First question I type into the app: “Does Tamrin wake up early this morning?” I set the slider to Very Likely since this is what she’s been planning for, but she still has a chance for sleeping in way late. The answer comes back… no! I decide she must have been so excited the night before that she stayed up too late. I’ll say that she wakes up with a start after losing 1d4 hours, so it actually has some sort of game effect. I roll… a 4?! Wow. Okay, to me this means it’s now 11 am and she’s lost valuable time before the village got going. Since this is two punishments in the row it needs to feel as such, so I say 1d2 parents – wow, a 2? – are in the house preparing lunch. That means preparing for their daughter too. This is going to be tricky! Such randomly generated drama, so early!

It looks like her parents need actual names faster than I expected, and probably at least a little background to know how they’d react to what I’d say. I don’t think I have to go crazy here, but I need something to hang their hats on. First I click a generator I found last night. Mom’s random name won’t work, but everything looks okay… not what I would have ever come up with, but why not? I guess that’s the style and point of this sort of campaign. I click elsewhere for new random name, and paste it all into a new Roll20 NPC:

“Okerna Konink” Tamrin’s Mom
Personality: Warmhearted and Stupid
Motivation: Screw Destiny
Excels at: General Repair
Good at: Physical Labor, Archery
Hopeless at: Intelligence

This… actually isn’t bad. I already know that the Far Folk toil constantly, have to keep what gear they do own in the best condition possible, and value archery highly. Being kind of slow is fine (the original Tamrin was supposed to be dumb, but combat feats prevented that… perhaps I can just put some of that original concept onto her mom instead). As for her motivation, maybe mom won’t be as torn up about me leaving home as I feared. Since I would know this about her, right now I’m thinking I take her side over dad’s often. Speaking of dad, let’s try that same generator again:

“Drysan Konink” Tamrin’s Dad
Personality: Jealous and Impatient
Motivation: Be Special
Excels at: Sculpting and Whittling
Good at: Locksmith, Throw
Hopeless at: Siege Weapons

Huh. Wow really not what I would have gone for myself. There’s nothing wrong with hitting the button again, but I think we only want to do that when something is wildly inappropriate. Otherwise nothing means anything and we could evade challenges. Besides, there’s a lot to work with here.

Sculpting and whittling could refer to the town’s handcrafted slingstones, their only export of any worth; it could also refer to making arrows, an important job for Skorscree. Her family might have more archery influence than I assumed. Locksmith doesn’t really work for the Far Folk, but it’s easy enough to rationalize that into the sculpting / whittling. I decide to ask the app “Does Drysan actually know how to lockpick?” with the slider on Unlikely (a 50/50 chance, and what Mythic suggests you do if you just don’t know any better) and I get back a no. Okay that makes a lot more sense, he’s not a thief he’s just good with his hands. Otherwise to fit with this region I’d have to say he was an old burglar in his youth or something. Since he might be one of the town’s only weapon crafters but women can be rare round these parts, I say his jealousy is over his wife instead of another crafter.

Surely there’s some suitors interested in her, but has she ever cheated? Mom’s too good to do that, right? “Has mom ever cheated?” with slider on Very Unlikely, but I need something for dad to go on, so I toggle over from straight yes/no answers to sentences that add a bit of complexity. I get back that the answer involves “terrifying oldness.” Uh… what? I’m starting to see the downside to generators. I can’t really rationalize that non-comedic meaning anything here, so I don’t feel bad about hitting the button a second time. This time the answer involves “plenty of athletics.” OH. Oh. Well then. Okay we have our answer, mom’s cheated quite a bit. This leads to two necessary questions: do Tamrin and/or her dad know the truth, or merely hear rumors? I put them into the app. Dad knows but daughter doesn’t. Sounds about right.

(At this point I should mention that I, with my 90 wpm type speed, have actually been going back and forth between playing in Roll20, typing actual questions into the Mythic app, and coming back here to write this log. It’s tedious work, not fun and much too slow to ever actually play like this. But this log is only to give an example of what I’m seeing, and I don’t need to write questions into the app unless I want a log of them. I could just as easily ask questions mentally and hit the button.)

(I realize at this point that I’ve been doing this for an hour, but we can’t really count that at this stage of the experiment. Most of my time is writing this adventure entry with my findings. Otherwise this would be moving at a good clip.)

Anyway, back to the game. Tamrin realized today would be the best day to runaway from the village, since the ranger would be somehow preoccupied. Unfortunately in her excitement last night, she slept in till lunch! Now she’s realizing her error and leaping out of bed while her parents make lunch. I decide that between wealth and materials, all buildings in Skorscree are single story. At this point I need a layout for the house; we can still wait on the ranger’s obligation, since it might come up organically before we need it. I check out a Rollspel generator I found yesterday, decide to randomly determine that the house is a rectangle with no back door, and hit the button:


Sure that will work. I keep Photoshop open so it’s easy to get this into Roll 20 and onto a grid. I add a few things in Roll20 before realizing I could have done so in Photoshop a smidge faster and better. I add three tokens down for the human family and take my first official round of the game.


Those who die by the rando generation sword live by it too: from what I know about the world so far, it only makes sense to give Tamrin a smaller room than she had, which suddenly adds a closet for her to steal from. Though to be fair, my real prize has to be in the pantry: my punishment for waking late.

At this point I realize that I need to add some sort of a time limit, since she has to escape town far enough way to camp before it gets too dark or folks start searching for her. I know that daylight doesn’t last long in the mountains so I decide she has to hit the trail no later than 4 pm to succeed. It’s now 11 am.

Acrobatics check to scramble out of bed without penalty = large success
2 move actions to retrieve most of her gear from hiding under her bed
Retro Int check to see if in her freak out, she remembers to stay quiet = large failure

For their part, her parents roll to see if they hear her. Mom does, dad doesn’t.
“Does mom think sound’s unusual?” at Likely = Yes
“Does mom call out instead of mention to dad?” at 50/50 = No
Mom mentions the sounds to dad, who I’ve already painted as the bad cop.
Dad (impatient, remember) shouts out “Hey come to lunch! Or should I say breakfast? What are you doing in there?”

Tamrin’s gotten good at lying by hiding her secret spot for two years.
Bluff check to say she stumbled out of bed = large success
Dad shouts “Well get in here already.” Thankfully she doesn’t have to hide her gear.
Move action to leave her room (and close her door), ends by table.
Perception check to scan table for supplies = critical failure.
I decide that means there’s nothing there, but she assumes there is.
Standard action to search table (ie sleight of hand to not make noise) = failure

Parents roll to hear noise. Once again, mom does but dad doesn’t.
“Does mom mention sound to dad in his current state?” at unlikely = Exceptional No.
Mom knows that kids are kids and dad overracts, and decide to try distracting him.
Mom tests Bluff against Dad’s Sense Motive.
For this I make it up on the spot, assuming a couple of things from what I know:
Mom can lie a little, between her beauty and experience at cheating.
Meanwhile dad’s jealous messes up his sense motive… except when dealing with mom.
I don’t want to get too bogged down by little modifiers, but rolling and rounding, I determine it’s basically a tie but dad has the slightest of edges. He’s suspicious of his wife and knows something’s up.
Dad tests wisdom to see how well he can keep his temper = Critical Success
That’s actually good for me! Phew!
Parents spend their round in a “we’re not fighting” fighting moment. Tamrin’s ignored.

Tamrin didn’t find anything on the table, but can hear that their convo has moved on.
She decides to risk opening the closet door next to her; she might not get a better time.
Stealth check to open the door quietly = success
Move action into the storage room, leaving the door open
Perception check to scan room for supplies = ANOTHER critical failure! Things have to be here but Tamrin is rushed!
I’d given this room an easier search DC, but a harder “things topple over” DC. Uh oh…
Standard action to search table (ie sleight of hand to not make noise) = just barely failed
I decide that a flurry of supplies fall to the ground, and Tamrin manages to catch most of them: by happy coincidence that’s exactly what her build is. However, one random item drops to the ground. That’s already enough, but I’m enjoying the tension and click on a random item generator to see if fate gave me something soft or loud. It takes me awhile to find one since I hadn’t previously, but on my first decent site I get a sack of fish hooks. That’s perfect since that’s where most of our meat comes from. Ultimately the sack bonus probably cancels out the metal penalty, but I like that I was on the edge of my seat for it.

Parents roll to hear noise. Neither does.
“Do the parents continue this convo as is?” at Likely = Exceptional No. Yikes what happened?
“Did dad get mad at mom” on Likely with detail toggled provides “evil newness, and might also involve Town Elder.”
Dad suddenly suspects mom of having an affair with the town elder! That’s why she’s shifty, certainly!
“Was the town elder who she had an affair with before?” at Very Unlikely = No.
“Is she having one with him NOW?” at Unlikely = No.
Jealous dad’s way off-base on this one, but he’s in one of his moods again.

Tamrin needs to retrieve necessary supplies from the storage room.
Since everything’s mostly in her arms because of her catching them, I’ll say she can cross of this criteria as a full round action. But she’ll still need 1d2 (2) other things from her house. She doesn’t need to Stealth check because her dad is yelling now.

For the parents round, he’d be in a huff, but how does mom react?
“Does mom stay calm instead of mad?” at 50/50 = No. She’s pissed too now.
Mom and dad yell at each other, trying to convince the other.
Dad intimidate vs mom wisdom = dad’s angry but doesn’t make much headway
Mom intimidate vs dad wisdom = large failure, dad’s far from convinced
“Does the argument continue on like this?” at Very Likely = No.
Hmm… not sure what’s going to happen here. How best to determine it…
This isn’t from a generator, but it feels natural (and almost as important, quick ) that mom would be the type to leave in these situations. This isn’t a positive for me since she’d come into the room, and dad would start believing she’s going out to cheat right then and there. That makes for something more exciting, though, so I decide to go with that instead of finding a generator.
Mom spends her move action getting ready to leave the house for awhile, she’s now in the common room.
“Does dad follow her out this round?” on Very Likely = No.

*Note to self, add all these newfound character traits and skill modifiers to their NPC sheets! That’s how this type of playing builds the world as you go.

Wow this is getting scary. Tamrin left the closet door open so her mother can now see her in full view with some supplies she should have no reason messing around with. Mom obviously knows something’s up, but we’ve also established that she doesn’t want her to feel dad’s wrath, and that she’s motivated to buck the status quo.
“Does mom try to stop Tamrin?” at Very Unlikely = No.
Tamrin 2 move actions to leave the closet and enter her room, closing both doors without actively trying to stealth them. As soon as she gets into her room she drops everything in her hands onto her gear stash as a free action. Two more items to go.

Surely dad comes into the room this round. Amazing, him seeing me and the closet door open might have changed the game to me having to escape being grounded before anything else! Instead He’s still shouting, mom’s given up till he cools down.
“Does dad try to stop her leaving verbally instead of physically?” at A Sure Thing = Yes.
“Does dad follow her out?” at Unlikely = No.
Mom’s left the house and the encounter. Dad’s in the living room.
Dad tests wisdom to see how well he can keep his temper = Midling. He’s just as bothered, though the source of his anger is gone.

Move: Tamrin meekly comes out of her room, being careful to close the door behind her. She waits in front of it protectively.
She asks dad if everything is okay (Diplomacy to calm) = Fail. But what does that mean? He’s probably not mad at her… probably.
“Is dad mad at mom instead of Tamrin?” at Very Likely = Exceptional No! This requires something major.
Since dad doesn’t have a legitimate reason to be bad at Tamrin, it must mean he’s the type that can’t control his temper.
“Does dad think the door suspicious?” at Very Unlikely = No.

At this point I feel I don’t have quite enough to go on, I don’t know how this character would react. I decide to run him through the PFSRD Background generator for clues, but instead of being completely random, I lock in those options that I’ve discovered so far. After a few clicks sifting out the stuff that won’t work (pretty much entirely because they’re in a dirt poor village, I think this would have been even faster elsewhere) I ended up with a shocking surprise. This rando’s traits were pretty much custom made for tracking Tamrin down. What’s more, I’m realizing that after all this fight and conflict, her parents probably won’t think they knew she ran away for adventure like I planned. They’d probably think she ran away after seeing this fight. That would play perfectly into the depressing feats dad’s unlocked if he ever has to search far and wide for a loved one. Even the background music I have on is somber as hell. WOW.

We also learn something else from this background generator: Drysan’s a hot head but a good man. It’s given him the Family Ties drawback, which says that he usually bends over backwards to try and fulfill family member requests, taking big social defense penalties if he doesn’t. We still have to figure out how to factor in him being exceptionally mad at Tamrin for no good reason, though. At this point I’d taken a bit of a personal break to flesh out Drysan much more than I needed to, and anxious to get back to playing I find myself favoring a “go to your room” approach since he didn’t think the door suspicious. “Does he room ground her?” on Very Likely, but with the complex toggle… we get “Ironic Intelligence, which might affect Tamrin.” At first I’m not sure what to make of this, but I soon land on him giving her a punishment chore that sends her outside: ironically helping her obtain some of her other supplies, but hurting her from finishing here. He’s also not going to let her back into her room, so our girl’s got to keep her fingers crossed that dad never opens that door and discovers all the camping gear just sitting in the middle of her floor. Tamrin still has a standard action left, but dad orders her to move outside, possibly since he doesn’t trust himself from yelling too much again.

At this point we probably do need a village map for the first time. We could probably get away with a simple flowchart representing each street and build as we go, but I found a nice generator that I wanted to use for Skorscree specifically.


I only meant to add where my house was, but it only took a moment to lay in the other structures I knew had to exist. Skorscree is much too small to have an inn – the rare traveler can camp or bunk with a resident – but all working folk need a tavern. I’d already generated The Cowardly Foal the other day. Now technically not even 1 minute has passed realtime since the start of the game, but all the yelling that unfolded just can’t be done that fast, free actions be damned. I say that whole wretched affair took 5 minutes and still feel that’s a kindness. It’s now 11:05 am.

Tamrin needs to figure out what to do. Getting her weapons should be easy – she’s been sneaking to her secret clubhouse for two years now without incident – but she can’t just walk around with the burlap sack filled with weapons. She had intended it to be her final stop and that will still hold for now. She also needs to relieve the village storehouse of 1d2 items, but I’ll wait to roll so it’s more tense. You might have noticed that I haven’t actually listed any specific quest items yet. Since I already bought all her real gear during character creation already – to a rules lawyer she doesn’t actually need to do any of this – but I needed a scenario and I thought I’d try the Brimstone approach. This might be helped by the fact she’s a kid and it’s important to her to grab some things that aren’t remotely important.

Perception check to see if she can see or hear mom = Critical Success! Tamrin has her game face on.
I decide mom isn’t around, since that was a beneficial crit and mom will only get in the way. Besides, she was storming off quickly.
Tamrin eyes dad’s shed, where he crafts the town’s slingstones, but is dismissive. She’s never liked slings and don’t think it will help her.
Tamrin spends 2 move actions walking south, hugging a steep slope bordering town.
However this little phases her (or most other residents) and is reflected in her traits (Heart of the Mountains, Gravelwalker, Hill Fighter).
Since she isn’t racing I decide no roll is necessary, even though only kids would take this route instead of the road.
She glances over the edge without a concept of fear from it, but is eager to get down there to the lowlands and start her new life.

According to the town map she needs to do this for 3 more rounds before anything changes. Normally I’d roll for some sort of passerby, but she’s staying far out of any line of sight. I decide to ask the app if someone looks out the window of the only house she passes by. No one does so there’s no need to generate an NPC for that building yet.

Tamrin ends up on a normal path, right above the Peddler’s – erm, that’s “Pedlar’s” – Place. I know from the other day this is basically a little flat area of nothing, reserved for the rare merchant that visits. They sell enough basic sundries to empty their small cart (only single-horse wagons fit on this mountain road) and then fill it up with the village’s exports, which mostly means the slingstones her dad and a few others make. That’s what the storehouse will largely contain, though it also houses furs for the winter, salted jerky made from fish and fowl, and the sacred supply of precious firewood. It wasn’t just used for heat, but also funerary rites. The Far Folk had to burn their dead; the little soil here was too prone to landslides. A small – very small – portion of wood was reserved for fletching arrows. That was mom’s job; few in town were as good with a bow, except for the ranger of course.

Tamrin suddenly wonders if stealing from the ranger might be as good as stealing from home.
Knowledge: Local check to think about her hunch (untrained, this maxes at “easy / DC 10”) = Close but no cigar
Tamrin never hung out there or anything, and sees no reason to start now. Plus she’s sure what she needs is in her own home.
Tamrin decides to search the Pedlar’s Place for any bits that might have fallen off forgotten from the last merchant.
Perception check = average. She sees what everyone else saw, a whole lot of nothing.
A lark: “Is there anything small left in the clearing?” at No Way = No. Though if there was, I would have left it there for a future PC, Tamrin missed her chance.
Wastes the full round milling about and looking at the ground. Locals see typical child behavior.

It occurs to me that at 14 in this world (and certainly society), she must be required to start working soon. Maybe marriage too, eew. Suddenly it’s more clear why she wants to leave immediately.

Perception check for Storehouse Guard to see Tamrin = Critical Failure
Perception check for “Lookout” to see Tamrin = Someone notices
The lookout isn’t a real job, there’s not nearly enough visitors to warrant it. This just refers to any single townsperson being able to see someone approach on the only road into town. That means they can also see people leaving, which basically serves as a wall to Tamrin. It would have to be a real emergency to attempt to ever flee that way during daylight. The storehouse guard, though, this 1 might be lucky. Let’s see if Tamrin even notices.
Perception check = barely anything. She only notices that the shack seems quieter than usual. Curious she decides to investigate.
2 move actions, stealth attempt (only from guard) = quite good.

- End of Session #1-

- Start of Session #2- 3-31-17

Can the window see me here at very likely = no
Can I see any other townsfolk at 50/50 = no
Do I see anyone yet at very unlikely = exceptional yes
Do they see me = no
npc generator (villager passerby) = “The cute, exuberant young woman who is in a big hurry.”
I know she can’t be as pretty as mom, but still seems cute.
npc generator (villager profession) =
Name Eanne Nontisle, 24, female
Appearance Her appearance is eminently tall;
Eanne’s hair is medium and dark in color;
Despite the attention, she is humble about her face;
She is a gal of tanned complexion;
Personality She enjoys being around other people every now and then;
Origins She could never think of moving away
Interests She is eminently interested in drawing and fishing
Dislikes She dislikes rudeness and long conversations
History At the age of 14, she failed in an important task
At the age of 15, Eanne revealed someone’s secret
npc generator (villager two things) =
a female human, recognizable for her formal, clean clothes. She has high Charisma and low Dexterity. She has a talent: she draws beautifully. She tends to whisper and is quiet in her dealings with others.
She is protective of colleagues or compatriots and drawn to a place special to her. If you asked her, she would say that her Ideal is, “Honor!” If she has a flaw, it is that she is brave to the point of foolishness.
why is she in a hurry on detail = false irony
false irony def lookup = when you think there’s irony but there isn’t
what’s she looking at on detail = pleasant splendor, that could affect skorscree village.
Occam’s 1: she sees an unusual weather event she attributes to a blessing from Thanaver
weather gen = cold and windy. It can’t be Thanaver.
Occam’s 2: She thinks she sees a merchant on the main road.
does she see a merchant on likely = exceptional no. Exceptional must be part of the answer, along with ironic. That’s enough now, right?
She thinks there’s an ironic situation with a merchant even though there isn’t one.
Occam’s 3: does she seem to be looking towards the storehouse guard on 50/50 = no
really floundering here. Don’t feel like I can just make it up. Maybe I shouldn’t have kept false irony. real learning game.
what is the false irony on detail = genuinely good literacy. Now I feel a bit better, as this is kinda a town of dullards.
Does she like to draw maps on 50/50 = no. No luck for gear there.
mindmap gen to see if an obvious connection, or at least bard story about the literacy =
(put map picture here!)
from this I quickly attributed people to the keywords (without much thought to the lines) and it gave me this:

Dad and Mom had a huge argument.
Dad inwardly hated the argument.
Mom longs for the “bridge.”
Mom has a connection to a “cape.”
The argument is leading to the “disaster,” which can only be me leaving town.
They could blame themselves for me running, instead of the truth.

The knight is also headed towards the bridge. I know from recent fleshing out the knight is the ranger.
The bridge must be symbolic as we don’t have one. They’re meeting, though not for romance.

The “cook” overheard my parents argue. He supports the fight apparently. Occam’s he wants my mom.
Cook as a connection to money that’s at the Knight’s location.
ask is the guard the shepherd = no.
is the guard the captain = no.
That means the fool is the guard, the captain is the town elder, the cook is the tavernkeep, and the shepherd is the curious child.
Elder heads for priest with money; priest trying to hide from elder, but both end up at the well.
how much money = 3 sp

Updated NPCs Current Location?
Tamrin’s Father Drysan Tamin’s Home
Tamrin’s Mother Okerna “The Bridge”
Town Elder “Captain” Well
Town Ranger “Knight” “The Bridge”
Town Priest “Priest” Well
Storeroom Guard “Fool” Guardhouse (Unaware)
Curious Fellow Child (Unknown) ?
Town Lookout Eanne Front of Town (Hurried)

ask if bridge is ranger’s house 50/50 = no. They’ve left for the wilderness on the game trail. ranger 2 bows to evade suspicion.
plot gen=
Your character is an inanimate object.
Their main character trait is their leadership.
The mMC is grumpy, the fMC is smart, and the villain is disabled.
The Villain wants revenge, and is willing to do anything to achieve it.
The environment is mud.
The characters have amazing technology and are happy.
A reoccurring symbol in the story is a tool box.
Theme point is loss.
The story starts and ends in front of a cave.
money is inanimate, main male is elder, main female is cook (or wife?). Money (3 sp?) brings evil desires…
Is the mud from the well on very unlikely = exceptional no, so it’s from the river
tool box isn’t physical, so as symbol means repairs to village / basic upkeep
Elder and Cook are going to have some sort of encounter at the river over money.
No one’s allowed on game trail, so river must be out the front entrance.
Arbitrarily (okay to do???): cook (or wife) feels that their tavern deserves a bigger share of the village funds.
Priest isn’t tired of hearing about the money, but is hiding from the elder?
does elder want to spend money on some sort of religious thing or service = exceptional no
Arbitrarily: the “cave” the story starts and ends on will be the well, since it’s starting here. But the river is involved.
Arbitrarily: those coins are falling in the well! Someone must go down soon!
Too much time is wasting! How long have I been doing this rabbit hole?! So…
Arbitrarily: I don’t yet know, or need to know, what Eanne’s reading. Just that she is, and that it makes her in a hurry.
can I see the guard while I’m stealthed at 50 = no.
Enough people now to roll for initiative. Tamrin = natural 20!
For speed and convenience, say folks are starting from their previously selected homes. Put down figures for the NPCs I know of.
I know where they are on the map, though Tamrin doesn’t (just that she knows some folks will be out and about somewhere)
Runs to the door: Her stealth is good with the girl distracted, but the guard still manages to catch sight of her.
tamrin doesn’t know. Runs behind corner, tries door – is door open 50 = yes – runs inside, closes door and tries to find a hiding space.
Girl doesn’t notice
Does guy ask girl is she saw Tamrin = exceptional no. He’s assuming tamrin went inside the storehouse. Has to on exceptional.
Guy tries search vs tamrin’s stealth = tamrin barely succeeds!
does guard assume she’s hiding (or assume she ran elsewhere) on likely = no. He thinks he was wrong.
Realize pacing wise, chaos counter should move up for this chapter. take it from 1 to 2.
Towns folk move closer to their destinations. Cookwife succeds at stealth. Does Eanne stay here = yes.
tamrin’s turn: continues to just hide and be silent. Please roll anything but a 1 = great roll
guard ask girl now on very likely = yes. But Eanne has no idea what he’s talking about.
Does he ask what she’s doing (or chase elsewhere) = no. He runs off elsewhere. Random direction (for map location) = the well! Wow!
Perception check for supplies = ANOTHER critical failure!! Three this game at the same task!
Standard action to search, just like before (nothing here but she thinks there is) = wow a 19.
She’s less clumsy this time so no noise, but damn that’s not what she thought it was. Just junk.
does guard ask elder about tamrin at unlikely = no. This Fool doesn’t ask questions.
How does priest feel about elder’s money info on detail = “insufficient laziness could affect tamrin”
I translate that to mean too much hecticness (on the priest’s part, not the guard’s) could effect tamrin.
What do you know, Eanne is hectic! With literature. I decide it’s a holy text of some sort.
Does eanne look for tamrin on likely = yes. I assume she was likewise too out of it to see he went in there.
Does eanne try the storehouse on unlikely = no. random eanne direction = moves to the WELL? oh god
guard stay by elder this round on very likely = no. random direction = east, he’s hugging the storeroom wall.
Does storeroom have windows on no way = no.
Cookwife really bungles stealth, but can’t tell if priest or elder can hear.
Does sound cause them to drop the money in the well = exceptional no. She’s still hidden, I guess.
Next round.
not a great stealth, but fool guard is oblivious.
Tamrin is exceedingly perceptive and aces her sleight of hand. She has 1 of 1d2 storehouse quest items.
Now (as intended for suspense) I roll 1d2. A 1! She really found something great in here! Time to get out!
Better stealth this time, but she can’t move far cause of her standard.
still deaf. guard direction. due east, all the way at the far edge of town now (it’s a damn small town.)
Does eanne go to the group = yes.does the trouble happen yet = no.
Rolls… the three each almost see the cookwife, but not quite, they all fall just short.
Current Quest Objectives:
Pilfered 1 of 3 things she needs from her house, without notice. (moderate)
Sneak into the town’s guarded store room to pilfer 1 thing. (difficult)
Reach her secret training spot and retrieve her weapons. (easy)
Retrieve her gear from her bedroom, not currently hidden (unknown)
Finish running away by taking the game trail. (unknown difficulty)*
*her mom and the ranger are currently on the trail.
Current Time:11:20 am. Deadline: 4 pm
Next Round
Tamrin stealth + perception = not great but enough. She sees the crowd, not the guard.
Still, doesn’t want to go back the way she came (regardless of where guard actually is)
Elder doesn’t notice and Eanne’s oblivious, but priest finally notices cookwife.
Does he make her aware on 50 = yes. He mentions aloud that she’s with them.
what is cookwife’s reaction on detail = primitive excitement with town elder
Elder’s reaction on detail = fascinating defense
Eanne’s reaction on detail = incredible competence (on reaction, despite 1 on perception)
Does the crazy happen yet on 50 = yes.
Knowing what little I do so far, and the gesture of these characters in my head, I parse this as follows:



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