This is the growing wiki for a campaign setting that is procedurally generated as we explore it, mostly through the use of random encounter and map generators. There are two companion games that can each accommodate a large number of players (though perhaps not all at once). In Roll20 we have a crunchy, rules-heavy Pathfinder game, and in Storium we have a more free-form shared writing game without any crunch. Both outlets are considered official, though, and as it’s the same world the events of one apply in the other; functionally that will only really matter for things like holidays or worldwide events. You’re very welcome to play the same character in each venue, but keep in mind that since they happen at the same time, you’ll temporarily have to bow out of one when you visit the other. Also for this, keep in mind that it’s very easy to permanently die in the Roll20 game, while you probably won’t come to harm in Storium unless you actively choose to write about it.

Any player is able to add to this wiki at any time. The general rule of thumb is don’t alter or delete what already exists, but feel free to add to it unless some GM has asked to take ownership (aka, “play the ball where it lies.”) For the most part information will be added little by little as we explore and encounter it for the first time. The general philosophy of this style of running a game is “the world is empty until something doesn’t need to be.” Apparently that leads to a successful GM-lite game, since too much knowledge means you can’t effectively be a player in it anymore.

Feel free to propose a house rule on our Forum, or say yay or nay to something there. Again that’s more for the Roll20 game, as the Storium game doesn’t have such rules, and likely has a bigger focus on social roleplaying anyway.

Lands Unknown

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